80km FPV let

16.08.2015 11:59

   Jeden z nejdelších FPV letů, 80km. FPV výbava:

OSD and autopilot is Rangevideo RVOSD version 5, Airplane is Winrider Queen bee(2.5m Flying wing with solar cells), 20'000mAh batteries, 1.2Ghz 1500mW video Tx, Radio is FRsky 2.4Ghz 2 X V8R7SP and 2W WIFI amplifier, antenna for RC is patch 14dBi, for video Rx is yagi 13dBi.
Více info zde: https://www.rangevideo.com/forum/showthread.php?2547-The-QueenBee-an-step-ahead-of-my-Maxi-Swift